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Joy Janet
Joy Janet
Joy has known Janet since they were both five years old... Janet says you do the math

Joy gets mistaken for Janet's sister all the time. Oddly enough, Janet also gets mistaken for Joy's sister. What are the odds?

Joy drives painfully fast Janet drives painfully slow

Joy needs to drive--even when travelling in Janet's vehicle Janet says 'Hey-- once a control freak, always a control freak...

Joy drinks copious amounts coffee-- the stronger the better Janet opts for green tea (decaf-- because one of us hopped up on caffeine is enough to deal with)

Joy likes a more-than-just-occasional glass of Pinot Grigio... While Janet prefers a (slightly less) occasional glass of Cabernet

Joy says Janet is a 'red wine snob' To which Janet replies, 'Excuse me, do I know you?'

Joy is totally into Regis Philbin and Larry King Janet says: 'Translation? Joy digs old dudes...'

Musically speaking, Joy likes the legend that is Steven Tyler Musically speaking, Janet likes the legend that is Tony Bennett

Joy has street smarts Janet has book smarts


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